José Antonio Tiscornia


His professional practice focuses on comprehensive advice on corporate, corporate, contractual, and registry matters, guiding national and international companies.

His professional practice covers all areas of commercial law, advising on matters related to the design, planning and implementation of corporate structures; the constitution, modification, dissolution and liquidation of companies and other types of legal persons, whether of public, mixed, private origin, both open or closed; the registration and exercise of legal representation of branches of foreign companies; the layout, advice and implementation of corporate reorganizations, including mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions and corporate transformations, including participation in legal audits (“due diligence”); the negotiation of agreements between shareholders (of internal corporate/contractual regulation and/or syndication of shares); the celebration and registration of business collaboration agreements, temporary unions of companies, cooperation consortiums and joint ventures; the representation of shareholders in assembly acts or meetings between conventional parties; the integration of corporate bodies (administration, audit or inspection); advice to companies, shareholders, directors and trustees in the ordinary business course and/or in matters of corporate conflicts; participation in the development, certification and application of good practices in the corporate sphere and business ethics (“compliance”); collaboration and participation in the preparation and definition of accounting statements and other instruments in the accounting and financial field.

He also advises clients on contractual matters, intervening in the negotiation, closing, and perfectioning process of all types of contracts included in the corporate and commercial activities of the business sphere, with experience in preparing and defining bidding processes (public and private).

LANGUAGES Spanish – English.

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