The beginnings of Pozo Gowland Abogados coincided with the privatization of public services in Argentina. The Firm had from the beginning an important participation, especially in the area of energy, advising local and foreign companies in the oil, gas and electricity sectors. In the last 25 years we have stood out in particular in advising on different projects and various companies dedicated to generation, transport and electrical distribution.

Our services include the study of regulation in its various aspects: investments in new projects; relations with the Ministry of Energy and Mining, the National Entity Regulating Electricity, with CAMMESA and with the National Regulatory Entity of Gas; tariff and contractual renegotiations in general; challenges and claims and all types of administrative and judicial proceedings; managements linked to administrative easements, mining easements and gas pipelines; expansions of electricity and gas transportation systems; agreements with financial entities; compliance with environmental requirements and obtaining certifications; corporate agreements; etc.

In our professional performance we strive to integrate the regulatory requirements with the requirements of the projects and the expectations of our clients. Our experience allows us to interact with professionals in engineering, economics and geology.

Our performance as legal advisors and as members of the boards of various energy companies, gives us an understanding of the electricity, oil and gas market, which allows us to collaborate in the investment of new investors in the business field.

We act on energy issues within the scope of the National State and the Argentine provinces.

We are a law firm focused on providing effective solutions that add value to our clients’ business decisions.

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